Non-Western Philosophy Resources

on the 12th of November PWIP and Philiminality hosted this wonderful event:

And firstly, thank you to all who came! this is a quick follow up with resources and ways to get involved and to note we will develop more comprehensive resources that will be shared through our pages (like/follow/sign up for our mailing lists to stay in the loop)…

*********student-led resources*********

reading groups (go or use the readings!)
Comparative Methodologies Discussion Group
South Asian Philosophy Reading Group: Aesthetics
Sanskrit-Tibetan reading class/group (email for more info or to join)
Oxford public philosophy reading group (tbc, next term)
PWIPS in Oxford,
Philiminality Oxford , 
Oxford University Buddhist Society (BudSoc)
Common Ground Journal touches on some of these issues,
Decolonising Classics: A Lecture Series in III Parts
MAP (minorities and philosophy) chapter:


all the departments are listed a-z, each containing faculty you may faculty emails, papers offered, and other resources. some mentioned today include:
faculty may be able to answer questions about language resources in an area of your interest, or there may be online/in person courses available through the centre, ex. Pali through ocbs…/online-course/pali-level-1/ )

*********reading lists/lectures*********

specific faculty reading lists can be found through web learn or emailing lecturers/tutors!
online solo reading lists
places that have non-western thought in their philosophy curriculum (soas, bath-spa, Yale-NUS) 
also blogs and podcasts folk! such. as…/faculty-theology-and-religion
Wisdom Podcasts
History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps
University of Oxford: The New Madhyamaka
Bob Thurman Podcast
History of Indian & Africana Philosophy
OR Philiminality’s interviews & podcasts:

*********get involved/pressure the fac*********

-feedback form: (we are bringing YOUR QUESTIONS TO by fac request to the fac who will then respond in a q&a newsletter ++++ feedback about needed papers!!)
-UJCC: join! represent! this is student-driven but not broadly advertised and so much can be done. email or or dm PWIPS in Oxford to join!
-dm PWIPS in Oxford to join our mailing list or send us ideas or come to our meeting 6th week thurs at 2pm at Hertford or email
-Oxford Public Philosophy: join our up and coming new journal to widen our field of philosophical discourse and concern (dm PWIPS in Oxford or email alice again)
-email (philosophy undergrad studies administrator) or (current Phil head of undergrad studies)
-ask your tutors

+just start reading!

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