PWIP Supports Striking UCU Workers

the witches of pwip write, speak, stand in support of and solidarity with UCU University workers striking from 25th november – 4th december 2019. we both push for their conditions to be met and urge immediate public discussion and action towards remedying the underlying issues that Dr. Srinivasan eloquently touches upon in her following statement. … Continue reading PWIP Supports Striking UCU Workers

Non-Western Philosophy Resources

on the 12th of November PWIP and Philiminality hosted this wonderful event: And firstly, thank you to all who came! this is a quick follow up with resources and ways to get involved and to note we will develop more comprehensive resources that will be shared through our pages (like/follow/sign up for our mailing lists … Continue reading Non-Western Philosophy Resources

PWIP General Philosophy Reading List

this mt19, pwip (people for womxn in philosophy) returns as philosophy-related group with the release of an all-womxn philosopher ‘general philosophy’ reading list. the group aims to prevent womxn* from becoming unnecessarily disengaged from philosophy through providing ‘survival’ resources now and by taking action for tangible structural change. what follows is an explanation of this … Continue reading PWIP General Philosophy Reading List