Come and learn more about amazing, yet overlooked female philosophers, ranging from analytic to feminist philosophy, what more could you want?

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open letter for diversifying the philosophy faculty and curriculum at oxford

We are a collective of students that has come together to write this letter in order to push for swift and systemic representational and curriculum change within the philosophy faculty. We are made up of both undergraduate and graduate level philosophers from a wide range of degree subjects, with a shared passion for diversifying the … Continue reading open letter for diversifying the philosophy faculty and curriculum at oxford

Philosophy Essay Resources

two to three times per year, pwip works with faculty members to host popular exam prep or essay workshop sessions. upon arrival at oxford, first-year students from different philosophy backgrounds are quickly thrust into churning out 1-2 essays per week, without any ensured instruction in precisely what qualifies as the type of essay that translates … Continue reading Philosophy Essay Resources

PWIP General Philosophy Reading List

this mt19, pwip (people for womxn in philosophy) returns as philosophy-related group with the release of an all-womxn philosopher ‘general philosophy’ reading list. the group aims to prevent womxn* from becoming unnecessarily disengaged from philosophy through providing ‘survival’ resources now and by taking action for tangible structural change. what follows is an explanation of this … Continue reading PWIP General Philosophy Reading List