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where people for womxn in philosophy at Oxford validate themselves, in thought & action. we are, we think, we discern. hexes for essays workshops events, mentoring, and more.

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[ID: a photo of alicehank winham]

alicehank winham is a witch who does philosophy (philosophy & theology) to critically reflect upon the form and content of our field of consideration, having pursued writing and editing for commonground, campaign managing for oxford climate society, and founding/collaborately running pwip (people for womxn in philosophy) to make spells with the ethical effects of thought in action, as well as the upcoming oxford public philosophy journal. ze is intensely sparked by logic, art, buddhist philosophy, architecture, trees, soil, colour, competent amazing deep folk, and critical pedagogy mixed with systems intertwining power, communication, and representation. currently ze is obsessed with how we understand the values of education.

founding faculty advisor

[ID: a photo of Prof. Alice Crary]

Alice Crary is University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research, where she was Philosophy Department Chair, 2014-2017, and founding Co-Chair of the graduate Gender and Sexuality Studies program. During 2018-2019, she was Professor of Philosophy and Tutorial Fellow, Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford, and she served as the inaugural Faculty Advisor of pwip. Crary remains a Visiting Fellow at Regent’s. 
She was a 2017-2018 Member of the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, and she was the 2018 LFUI-Wittgenstein Guest Professor at the University of Innsbruck. Her books include Beyond Moral Judgment (Harvard, 2007), Inside Ethics: On the Demands of Moral Thought (Harvard, 2016), and edited collections and journal issues on Stanley Cavell, Cora Diamond, Wittgenstein and ordinary language philosophy.
Crary teaches, lectures and publishes on a wide array of topics including social philosophy, moral philosophy, aesthetics, feminist theory, cognitive disability, animal ethics, environmental ethics and Critical Theory. Her current projects include two books (one co-written with Lori Gruen) on critical animal studies, a co-written book (with Joel de Lara), Wittgenstein and Political Thought (with Cambridge University Press), an issue of Philosophical Topics (co-edited with Matt Congdon) on “Social Visibility,” and a collectively edited book, Dear Effective Altruist (with Lantern Books), criticizing the impact of effective altruism on the animal protectionist movement. 

[ID: a photo of Natasha Frank]

Natasha Frank (ba philosophy & theology) is a steadfast amazing witch queen who helped get pwip running off the ground, from finding rooms for initial hot chocolate meetings to planning our first massively attended exam essay prep workshops, setting a precedent for this staple service conjured by pwip in collaboration with faculty. now she’s graduated radiating her voice and musical talents in the world, so keep an eye and 2+ ears out for her spells in the air.

president, outreach

[ID: a photo of Susmita Dave]

Susmita Dave is a second year philosophy and theology student.
This witch is helping to coordinate the lecture series in revolutionary thought as well as supporting outreach efforts through organising an intro to philosophy workshop for freshers and recruiting college reps to help pwip gain momentum. Her interests include Buddhist thought, poetry, art existentialism and absurdism. She is currently fascinated by the intersections of science and religion within a variety of faiths.

treasurer, social media officer

[ID: a picture of ayna li taira]

ayna li taira is a second-year philosophy & german student witch who is managing pwip’s blog and social media accounts. she designs the graphics and makes sure that people stay engaged with pwip and the core values. she is interested in the intersection between philosophy and literature, and writes stories and poems that examine the relation between the two. when she is not encouraging others to question their studies & their own thinking at all times, she is writing, reading, or busy petting a dog.

lectures organiser

[ID: a photo of Srutokirti Basak]

Srutokirti Basak is a second-year history student at mansfield college. she is lead organiser for PWIP’s new lecture series investigating revolutionary thoughts and actions from an interdisciplinary and critical lens. she is interested in ideas of decolonisation, political organising, and public philosophy and how they intersect and interact with one another. she is also interested in the role of arts in public life and is co-president of State of the Arts, a writing society at Oxford.