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for access pwip is documenting this talk Prof Mulhall gave on how to use the oxford set up to help you with honing your craft for finals (and beyond). there’s reasoning (and history!) behind the way the faculty works, so we’d encourage you to take advantage of this resource as well as to attend ujcc meetings where you can ask any questions you have! 

Text from emails sent out by undergraduate studies administrator James Knight: 

Recording now available of lecture Philosophy: How To Do Well in Finals 

Philosophy’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof Stephen Mulhall, recently gave a talk addressing how the Oxford tutorial system can help you develop an understanding of how to do well in philosophy exams.  (The advertisement is reproduced below.) To be clear on the intended audience: this is primarily for students currently in their second year, and thus starting their study towards Finals, but we are making it available to everyone.  The talk given by Prof Mulhall is not a “quick fix” session for current finalists, and it does not cover revision strategy or short-term tactics for exam preparation.

You can find the talk here: https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/portal/site/:humdiv:philfac:undergraduat:ect

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Do you feel unsure about what is needed to get a high mark in your Philosophy Finals Exams, or about how to improve your exam performance in the subject?

In this one hour session Philosophy’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof Stephen Mulhall, will talk about the standards employed by examiners when grading work, and the various ways in which the Oxford teaching system is intended to help you learn how to meet those standards more successfully in your written work.  The aim is to clear away some common misconceptions, and to identify the resources and opportunities available to any student who wants to develop their understanding of excellence in philosophy, and to improve their ability to put that understanding into practice. There will be plenty of time for questions.

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