Minorities and Philosophy Oxford Philiminality Oxford people for womxn* in philosophy oxford public philosophy Minorities and Philosophy Oxford, Philiminality Oxford, people for womxn* in philosophy, and oxford public philosophy strongly condemn the murder of George Floyd by the Minnesota Police. This abhorrent behaviour is neither the first instance of police violence against Black members of … Continue reading SOLIDARITY WITH BLACK LIVES MATTER: JOINT STATEMENT OF SUPPORT

OPP Reading Group HT20

Oxford Public Philosophy, a publication associated with PWIP, is organising reading groups! The Facebook event can be found here: come and LEARN, DISCUSS & DEBATE crucial topics & methods that are neglected from our philosophy curriculum!  featuring: speakers, media, introductions, readings, resources and peers eager to learn...   ALL are welcome! reading is recommended … Continue reading OPP Reading Group HT20

PWIP Supports Striking UCU Workers

the witches of pwip write, speak, stand in support of and solidarity with UCU University workers striking from 25th november – 4th december 2019. we both push for their conditions to be met and urge immediate public discussion and action towards remedying the underlying issues that Dr. Srinivasan eloquently touches upon in her following statement. … Continue reading PWIP Supports Striking UCU Workers